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Happy Retirement Dr. Kutner!


After 42 years as a physician with Physicians Group of S. Florida | am retiring from medical practice. It has been a long journey which has included triumphs, defeats, joyous moments and episodes of sadness but | wouldn't trade a moment. My goals were to strive to be the best in my field of medicine and to create a reputation that would bring respect and honor to my practice and my family and hopefully | have been able to achieve those objectives. | am very proud of PGSF and feel it is a shining star among medical practices in our community and second to none in providing patients with the best medical care possible. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with the other physicians in my practice who are outstanding and will continue to provide my patients in my absence with the same quality medical care | have always strived for. Change is always difficult but | am sure you, my patients, will be more than satisfied with the continuing care provided by my partners. | wish to thank everyone for their trust, confidence and support which they have shown me over my years of practice and | am looking forward to entering the next phase of my life. | will miss you all!



Alan Kutner, M.D.

To all my patients, partners, co-workers, office staff, family, friends and colleagues:
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