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North Miami, FL 33181

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At PGSF we embrace technology,
welcome change for improvement and
continually seek better ways to work
efficiently and achieve our goals and

At PGSF, we act with deepest respect and
compassion for the dignity and diversity
of life. We are empathic in assisting
patients with their medical needs.

Customer Service
At PGSF, we strive to show respect to
every customer. We personalize patient's
care and pay attention to every need of
our patients, adjusting our approach to
match their needs.

Team Work
At PGSF, we promote collaboration and
share knowledge to benefit our patients
and our staff. We encourage our staff to
work together smoothly as a team to
maximize their effectiveness to provide
the best customer care and job

At PGSF, we treat our patients, staff and
the community fairly to the best of our
abilities. At PGSF we promote a culture of
mutual respect.

At PGSF, we maintain our high medical
standards by continually measuring and
improving our outcomes. We also value
continuous medical education, and meet
and attempt to exceed expectations.

At PGSF, we value and respect different
cultures. We have an inclusive work
environment that embraces diversity of
people, talents and ideas. We do not
discriminate on the basis of gender, race,
sexual orientation, disability, income or

At PGSF, we are honest with others. We
attempt to do what we say will do. We
are accountable for our work and our

Physicians Group of South Florida - Core Values

The structure of Physicians Group
of South Florida (PGSF) is built on its
values. Our values guide our daily actions
and our plans for the future. We strive to
serve our patients, employees and the
community in a ethical manner.

Our Values